the 4 elements

"Earth - Air - Fire - Water"

This series of original prints depicts each of the 4 elements.

Each 20"X20"compositon consists of 4 separate original prints.
Price includes flat black metal frame.

Indian Motif
Wood Block Print $350

Chinese Characters
Wood Block Print $350
(Also available in vertical frame)

Abstract Images
Monoprint $350

Monotype $225

Black & White
Linocut $350

Brush Strokes
Monoprint $190

Photographic Close-ups
Solar Plate Etching $350

Hebrew Calligraphy
Multi-plate Linocut $350

Mosaic Floors
Ink Jet Print $190

Mayan Symbols
Embossed Collagraph $350
Also Available in White (No color)

Zodiac Symbols
Linocut $250

Indian Motif 2X2
Wood Block Print $350
 (set of 4 10"X10" glass frames)

Manhole Covers as Art
Solar Plate Etching $290

Graphic Patterns 2X2
Monoprint $250
 (set of 4 10"X10" glass frames)

Avatar Symbols
Embossed Collagraph $350

Monochromatic Offset
Monotypes  $190

Zodiac Symbols (B & W)
Linocut Prints $250

Photographic Images (B&W)
Solar Plate Etchings $290

Monoprints $250

Graphic Patterns
Monoprints $250

The Four Elements (Color)
Linocut Prints $350

Indian Motif (B&W)
Wood Block Print $290

Chinese Characters
Wood Block Prints $350
 (40" X 11")

Indian Motif
(On White Paper)
Wood Block Print $350


If you are interested in making a purchase,
scheduling a private appointment,
 or wanting additional information,
 please email or call:

phone: 505-231-0054


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