elements of man & nature


 Each of the compositions has
a limited edition size of 10

They are each available in two sizes.
Price includes brushed flat black metal frame.

“Seeing Things in Fours”


 “New Mexico Deconstructed”

18” X 24”   $150
16” X 20”    $125

20” X 20”   $150
16” X 16”   $125

18” X 24”   $150
16” X 20”   $125

If you are interested in making a purchase, scheduling a private appointment, or wanting additional information, please email or call:

phone: 505-231-0054
email: willkarp@comcast.net

Here's the Collection:

"Multiplicity" Series

Multiplicity 106

Multiplicity 105

Multiplicity 103

Multiplicity 104

Multiplicity 101

Multiplicity 102

Windows 1

Sewers Unite!

Windows 2

Common Ground Art in the City Different
2012 Official City Image


New Series of 4X4 Compositions

Art is Everywhere in Santa Fe
20"X20"  Framed  $250


"Seeing Things in Fours" Series

Roman Seats

Jerusalem Floors

Caesarea vs. Central

Mosaic Floors

Pavement Past

In Bloom

NM Rocks

Water, Water, Everywhere?

Doors Deconstructed

Doors with a Story

Extremes of Nature

Santa Fe & Beyond

NM Steeples

The Cat

Walls& Doors

Point of No Return

Central Park

Churches of NM
"New Mexico Deconstructed" Series

NM Deconstructed 102

NM Deconstructed 104

NM Deconstructed 101

NM Deconstructed 107

NM Deconstructed 103

NM Deconstructed 105
NM Deconstructed 106
About The Exhibit & Collection

This collection of original photographs – each one part of a 4-or-9 photo composition is derived from some of the thousands of images I have photographed at locations both at home and abroad.  By combining textures, colors, and shapes, I have attempted to produce unconventional yet cohesive sets of patterns which together form a close-up view of architectural and natural elements.

Previous Exhibitions:

Santa Fe Southside Library
July 2012

Santa Fe City Hall
November 2011-January 2012

Wells Fargo Bank
Santa Fe
September, 2011

Back Street Bistro
Santa Fe
November, 2010 - January, 2011

Tybie Davis Satin Gallery
Santa Fe Public Library
April, 2010

Art Center at Fuller Lodge
Los Alamos
March, 2010


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