“New Views of New Mexico” 

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Press Release


November 18, 2011 – January 31, 2012

“New Views of New Mexico”

Photography Exhibit by Will Karp

Santa Fe City Hall

200 Lincoln Avenue

Santa Fe, NM 87501



Winner of 2011 Santa Fe Arts Commission Exhibition launches exhibit at City Hall

As winner of this year’s top prize at the Santa Fe Arts Commission Exhibit, Will Karp has been invited to display his work at City Hall.  Karp’s entry “Common Ground Art in the City Different” - the centerpiece of the exhibit -  consists of a matrix of photographs showing nine colorful and unique manhole covers all having the words “Santa Fe” included somewhere in the design of the castings that comprise the covers.


About The Exhibit

Karp’s current exhibit at City Hall located in downtown Santa Fe titled “New Views of New Mexico” is a collection of original photograph assemblages each one depicting different elements of Santa Fe’s and New Mexico’s unique architecture and natural settings.  Included in the exhibit is Karp’s winning composition “Common Ground Art in the City Different.” Concentrating on simple themes like doors, windows, utility covers, and buildings, Karp incorporates his fascination with grouping patterns into a single composition that complement each other.  Karp says “My images reflect my search to find and translate the unique artistic aspect of simple objects, whether made by man or made by nature.  I find art everywhere – even on the pavement I walk on!”


Gallery Hours

Exhibition hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00pm.  The exhibit is located in the main hallway between the Mayor’s Office and the City Manager’s Office.  Visitors may also arrange a private appointment and showing with the artist during regular City Hall hours by calling 505-231-0054.


About the Artist

Santa Fe artist Will Karp has sketched, drawn, printed, painted, photographed, and constructed mixed media his whole life.  He finds that visual art is the best way of expressing himself in a tangible form.  Karp says “Being color-blind has posed some challenges, and has ultimately affected the way I look at and organize my world and my space - foremost as combinations of patterns, symbols, shapes, and lines.  I focus on the imagery of “patterns” first, and then deal with the color part afterwards as best I can.”   Karp likes to define “art” as the science of “mark-making.”  Whether two-dimensional or three-dimensional, every brush stroke, computer key stroke, drip, cut, impression, smear, scratch, squeeze, or splatter is an intentional effort at making marks. Photography as an art form offers an opportunity first to view a composition, then to capture it, and potentially to alter it, producing an effect that makes it unique.  The possibilities of mark-making are endless.


Artist Background Information

Hailing from New England, Karp worked for many years as a business planner for a large aerospace corporation, and looked forward to the time when he could pursue his interest in creating art.  Before moving to Santa Fe in 2004 he operated a web design business which he continued in Santa Fe.  In addition to photography, painting, and printmaking, he now spends much of his time volunteering for several local service organizations.  Karp says “Living in New Mexico has afforded me the opportunity to view and experience art in a whole new way while expanding my boundaries of creativity as well.”  His art and graphics training includes Santa Fe Community College, University of Hartford, Farmington Valley Arts Center, and New Horizons Computer Learning Center.


Contact Information

Will Karp       -       505-231-0054       -        willkarp@comcast.net       -        www.willkarp.com


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