A new exhibit:

Santa Fe Public Library

October, 2014

You are invited to visit my world. A world defined by shapes.  As winner of the 2011 Santa Fe Arts Commission prize for my composition of Manhole Covers of Santa Fe, I have continued to explore my obsessive compulsion to photograph and co-locate multiple similar-shaped images into individual compositions.  When not focusing on photography, I like to dabble with Book Arts where I can invent new shapes with discarded books.


Two dimensional art

Click Here to see some samples (pdf)

Original photographs and prints – each composition consists of multiple individual images uniquely assembled so as to highlight the similar shape and pattern of each image.  This new series of compositions is the result of employing some of the thousands of images I have photographed at locations both locally and internationally.  The exhibit complements my companion books “Shapeography” and “Manhole Mania.”


Three dimensional art

Click Here to see some samples (pdf)


Collection of altered books – Taking discarded and outdated books, magazines and catalogues, I transform them into unique shapes that transcend their original shape and purpose.  An avid collector of junk, I get a lot of pleasure integrating years of discarded bottle caps, electrical wires, buttons, auto parts, and other surplus hardware into the design of my sculptures.



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